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The first MVP (most valuable page of the month) is the real car video page recently posted on the auto-facts website. These videos play right on the page and are very cool.

If your computer has sound you are going to want to crank it up. The videos are great but the sounds these cars make are off the hook. In the first video Julie shows you her Camaro with a 502 big block and nitrous.

Watch at the end of the video how she does a burn out and almost hits a passing car!

But my favorite video is the third one where a Ferrari Enzo teaches a mustang cobra and a Camaro z28 a lesson on what is a fast car. There is nothing in this world that sounds like a Ferrari Enzo at wide-open throttle.

Free Car Videos

For the Diy auto repair mechanic

My latest story about correctly diagnosing electrical related failures can save you from replacing unneeded parts and also save you time in re-diagnosing the failure.

This short article also explains why the multi meter is one of the least expensive yet most desired tools to have in your do it yourself tool kit.
Troubleshooting car problems correctly

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