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With the car repair question newsletter subscriber base approaching 2,000 the pressure is on to provide only valuable information for my respected long time members and the new subscribers as well.

In this age of hustle and bustle good information and short format is a necessity. I thank everyone for their patience as I adapt my mechanic skills to this new age of technical writing.

In the spirit of short and valuable let me get right to the MVP (most valuable pages) of the month. All pages open in a new window (just close em and your right back here).

Check engine light

One of the most common car repair questions I receive as an ASE certified technician is why is my check engine light on. My latest page on why the check engine light comes on and the best way to turn the light off will shed some light on the light subject. The check engine light story

Car repair question

Another common car repair question that I have received more of lately is that vehicles with floor mounted or console type shifters are getting stuck in park.

Information on the park brake interlock system and the secrets to repair and override it or on this next page. Stuck shifter car repair question

Flex fuel cars

And last but not least I posted an article from a visitor on flex fuel cars. I did not realize that to date the flex fuel car has been a scam put on by the big 3 carmakers and our own government. This article is very short but interesting.

Flex fuel cars article
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