Car questions and the dead car battery

Happy Sunday : The newsletter is 1 week early due to the pending holiday. Again I would like to thank one and all for their support of the free car questions website.

This month I have a new page on the website to recommend that deals with car batteries. I believe that everyone will find this useful since the dead car battery is something all drivers are faced with eventually.

But first I have had several questions about the ask a mechanic boxes on the auto-facts website and I wanted to tell the condensed version of the story of why they are posted.

The wild wild web is filled with places that will answer your questions. The problem is the quality of these answers. If you go to the yahoo site you may get a bad answer from a 13-year-old boy that claims to be a car expert. If you act on this poor advice you may do more harm then good.

Where can I go for high quality answers?

The sponsor of the ask a mechanic question boxes is a website called just answer. They have certified experts in their field answering questions of all kinds. For example Doctors answer medical questions, Vets answer pet health problems and yes certified mechanics answer car questions.

I applied to be an expert on this site. The process impressed me. I had to take a 3 question test and answer actual car questions. The other experts in my field graded this test. They where very tuff and I failed my first application test. I was blown away that I failed. How could I a master technician with 23 years in this business be declined?

Well the answer was I did not try hard enough and my answers where to short and not technical enough. So I reapplied and was accepted as car expert. I am specializing in answering Chevrolet related questions, which is the area I have the most experience at.

So what does this have to with you?

So my point is if you ask a question on this website rest assure that only a checked out expert in the field will supply an answer. Also you can review several answers and pick which answer you think is best.

A donation to the expert is only provided at your complete satisfaction with the answer to your car questions. The last thing I wanted to mention about this site is you can apply to be an expert at whatever you are knowledgeable about. They have general knowledge categories; help with homework, pet questions, relationship questions and all kinds of other stuff you may be an expert at.

The income is small but it’s nice to make a little extra money from the comfort of your computer. For me I answer about 3 questions a week to help cover the cost of the auto-facts website. I should mention that registration gets you inside for the full tour and is free.(note all links below open in a new window) just close em out and your right back here.

Learn more about this site below

Visit just answer general questions area
Sorry about the length of this months letter but I would also like to direct you to my MVP (most valuable page) of the month. It’s all about dead car batteries and what to do when this happens to you. Please take the poll at the bottom of this page and let me know what kind of information to cover next.

Thanks to all for remaining a subscriber and have a great holiday and see you next month

Mark R Gittelman

Dead car battery and what to do next

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