Car Domain

Car domain is a great place where you can network with people that have the same exact vehicle you drive. I finally set up a page for my own truck a 2004 Chevrolet Blazer ZR2 my wife calls Zena.

My page can be viewed at Car Mechanic Mark.

The interesting part of the story was within 2 days I had 8 friends with the same exact truck. It was great to chat with these guys to see what problems they had with their vehicles and what problems I might have as well with my ZR2.

Often you will find inherent vehicle flaws that will show up at very specific times and mileage. The car domain site is a good place to look into the future of your automobile. Not to mention seeing all the cool aftermarket stuff available for your vehicle that others have installed.

New original video

As you might know I am a big fan of All-Data online auto repair manuals. Well they have performed an extreme make over of their look and feel. They also changed some minor navigation functions. I shot a new screen capture video so you can see what the changes look like.

Note the video is at the bottom of the next page I will send you to (opens in a new window). I also provide some tips and tricks for digging out the car repair information your looking for which is a complaint I hear often from users.

See answers to other frequently asked questions and learn about the new navigation for this online auto repair manual

You fix cars update

The do-it-yourself auto repair website, I started about six months ago is still picking up speed. I have been adding videos and testing procedures on a regular basis.

The best place to see what is new would be the car repair blog

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Mark R Gittelman ASE Certified Master Technician