Brake system recall

New Ford F150 brake system recall. As a lead technician for a large government fleet I am often notified about safety recalls before these items hit the news. It is my goal to share with you these recent recalls in this newsletter. Although our fleet is diversified it mainly consists of Ford, Chevrolet and Dodge pickup trucks. This is why my recall notices to you, may contain a lot of these popular vehicles.

The brake system recall number is 08-S-05 and affects 2005 through 2006 F150 pickup trucks equipped with a 5.4 L engine. This is a very popular model and this recall affects all of these vehicles.

The letter from Ford, states that the brake booster vacuum hose connection to the intake manifold may swell over time and lose its retention force. This condition could allow the hose to detach from the intake manifold resulting in loss of power assist and increased brake pedal effort. As a result stopping distance may increase and potentially result in a crash.

Another effect of this condition is before the vacuum hose connection becomes detached it may start to leak and cause a vacuum leak, which would affect drivability and fuel economy. The Ford dealerships are now stocking the replacement vacuum hose and the repair is relatively simple.

If you know anyone who has an F150 that falls into this criteria please forward him or her this e-mail or notify them of this recall.

New page on the auto-facts website

I put together a page about the new wave of vehicles to hit the market. These vehicles have extremely increased fuel economy and performance. General Motors has taken the lead by producing three of the fastest most fuel-efficient vehicles offered by any domestic carmaker.

Take a minute and view my page about fast fuel efficient cars

Thanks for reading this month's newsletter and visiting the recommended page. I have already begun research for next month's newsletter, which will include more of the latest recalls and auto facts tips.

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Mark R Gittelman ASE Certified Master Mechanic