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This month I am recommending you take a look at my automotive news page. My two most recent stories on this page are about the brand-new tire pressure monitor system that is on all new vehicles and how this will affect simple tire service.

The second news story is about the latest trend in police pursuit vehicles. They have been replacing the police interceptor car with the police interceptor truck and I would like to tell you why.

First the tire pressure monitor system is a federally mandated legislation that forces the manufacturer to notify the driver when a tire is under inflated.

The federal government has decided that an under inflated tire is bad for public safety and also bad for fuel economy. The government has required the manufacturer to install a high-tech system to notify the driver when one single tire or more than one tire becomes 25% or more under inflated.

This tire presure system is definitely a good thing for the automotive consumer, but there are certain challenges when you take your vehicle in for tire service whether it is a tire rotation or tire replacement.

This quick article will provide an overview of how the system works and what you should know before you go in for tire rotations or tire replacement.

From tire presure to police interceptors

I would also like you to take a look at my article about the new police interceptor Tahoe. Local law enforcement agencies have figured out that the SUV makes for a better police vehicle than the cars they have been using in the past.

This quick article explains the features and benefits of the new police interceptor Tahoe. The next time you get pulled over by the police, chances are the officer will be driving one of these new SUV police interceptor vehicles.

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