Auto repair videos

Auto repair videos released on the you fix cars website. The popularity of viewing helpful videos on the Internet has been increasing at an alarming rate. This trend is showing no signs of being a passing fad. So in the interest of providing website visitors with what they want and need I have added a video section.

Most of these videos I have made myself and each one is about three to five minutes long. I have also found some extremely helpful videos that were posted on sharing sites. All of these clips play right on the web page and you will not be redirected. This next link will open in a new window and will take you to the you fix cars auto repair videos

Auto update

I wrote an article and posted it in the DIY auto mechanics section of the auto facts website. The article is basically my viewpoint on standard troubleshooting procedures for auto repair problems. It seemed like just another article out of the hundreds that I have written for the website. But it must be better than the rest because I have received a lot of e-mail with positive feedback about the story.

I have had website owners and bloggers link directly to the page as a resource for home car repair. I also had offers from large companies to purchase exclusive rights to the story. Since this short article received such rave reviews, I thought I would provide a link to it. Troubleshooting Car Problems

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Mark R Gittelman ASE Certified Master Technician