Honest auto mechanics?

Trusting your auto mechanic can be like crawling out on a long thin branch. The branch may hold you up or more than likely it will snap and dump you to the ground.

Yes, I am a car mechanic, and I do believe that I am trustworthy. I have met many other mechanics that I have put my faith in and believed to be honest.

Recently I had a mechanic that worked under me, remind me that faith and trust is earned and not given. This mechanic that I speak of was a talented automotive technician, and I admired his work ethic and skills.

This particular mechanic was very smart, but he used his brains for evil, Instead of good. While I was busy telling our bosses how good he was, He was hatching a plan to steal money from our department and the large auto auction company that we both worked for.

Yes, this is one case where an auto mechanic has ripped off one of his own. For the full story, visit my page about

a good auto mechanic gone bad

On to better automotive news

I have been recommending a book by Stephen Hobbs, about how to make money selling cars. This is something that I have been doing for the last 20 years.

In my home state, you can sell three cars a year without obtaining a used-car dealer license. So I take advantage of this and I sell my three cars a year and use the extra money for buying Christmas presents and of course more tools for my trade.

The reason I mention this book is that recently a few web site visitors have purchased it and took the time to send me a note about how much they liked the book. And also how well it was crafted.

I bought Stephen's book about a year ago, and I thought it was good, but it was nice to hear that others felt the same way.

I have had a page up on my website for a while now about how to make money with cars. When you get time go and take a look at this page, which contains free helpful tips on how to get started.

This page has a quick link to the Kelly blue book site so you can look up the book value of any car or truck. Make extra money with cars page

In closing, the auto facts website will be starting a new section that will include do-it-yourself auto repair training.

These will be free articles written by myself and a few other mechanics that I work with.

The new section will be called DIY auto repair training. Next month's newsletter will contain updates on the progress of this new project.

Mark R Gittelman ASE Certified Master Technician