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Auto facts tips: I didn't come across any new recalls to provide this month, but I'm sure I will have a few for next month's newsletter. So instead of the monthly recall notice I am going to address a very common question I see posted on automotive forums.

This common question refers to the maintenance light that will come on in General Motors products. If you take your vehicle to a quick lube center for its regular oil change they will probably not know how to reset this light. Even if the maintenance light is not on it is supposed to be reset on each oil change.

The procedure for resetting the maintenance light on GM products for the last six model years is as follows. The first step is to place the key in the run position, but do not start the engine. Within five seconds of doing this de-press the accelerator three times to the floor or wide-open throttle. After five seconds has passed, you should see the maintenance light flash three times and this will be an indication that it has been reset properly.

I also have a new page with a warning about free help from car auto repair forums

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You may have heard of the water for gas system. I am not here to sell the system, but I have started a blog about the subject. I wanted to point you in the direction of the blog because it has become a very interesting debate. I have purchased water4gas and built a test unit and shared my thoughts and findings about it on this blog.

Each of the three posts has had 10 to 20 comments, and I'm sure you'll find this very interesting. Some of the comments are from certified chemists that are extremely agitated about this system. Other comments are from people who are discussing our current oil and gas problems.

Regardless of your position on fuel prices, I'm sure that you'll find the blog posts and comments very entertaining or interesting. You can visit my new blog from the next link. The Water4gas blog

Thanks for reading this month's newsletter and visiting the recommended pages. I have already begun research for next month's newsletter, which will include more of the latest recalls and auto facts tips.

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Mark R Gittelman ASE Certified Master Mechanic