Auto air conditioning

It is auto air conditioning season again. This can be one of the most troublesome systems on both older and newer automobiles. The reason for this is that car air-conditioning systems are complex, but they are also dependent on every single component in the system.

What I mean by this is, that if one small component malfunctions, the entire system will not operate well or blow cold air. The quickest way to diagnose and repair the auto air conditioning system is to first fully understand how it operates.

I have put together about five or six pages that not only explain the operation of the system but also discuss some of the most common problems.

I'm going to send you to the start page that provides a basic rundown of the main theory of operation. But even more important at the bottom of this page are more articles about the common problems and also how simple the failures can sometimes be.

More than once I have walked up to a vehicle and wiggled a compressor connection and the a/c started working.

Even if you're air-conditioning is blowing cold air at this time, I recommend taking a few minutes to review these pages to see just how an auto air conditioning system works.

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