Angry auto mechanics

I get my share of e-mails from angry auto mechanics. The reason being is that my websites do not exactly speak about the auto repair industry in a glowing manner. Even though I say over and over again that not all mechanics are evil.

In fact, I work with 12 other mechanics, and every one of them is an honest, highly skilled technician I am proud to call freinds. But we work for a government agency, and we are all paid by the hour. No matter how productive we are or how many things we fix we all make the same money at the end of the day.

In the retail auto repair business most mechanics are paid on a commission basis. In some cases, the car mechanics very survival hinges on the fact that he will cut corners and speed through repairs. I worked with some mechanics that really scared the hell out of me.

I have seen things that are not reported on TV or common knowledge to automotive consumers. But whenever I try to share this information, mechanics come out of the woodwork to defend their trade.

Auto mechanics get mad

So no matter how many times I state that there are plenty of good mechanics. The ones that are feeling guilty will continue to contact me and let me know how they feel. And that's fine, because I believe in the freedom of speech.

So in the spirit of free speech let me direct you to a page that talks about one of the common techniques used by greedy flat rate car mechanics. The technique is known as the stick and move and is outlined on my page that includes auto mechanic stories

You fix cars update

The do-it-yourself auto repair website, I started about six months ago is picking up speed. One of my most recent pages discusses the hidden car repair help that is available on the site.

Links to the most popular and helpful pages within the domain are included as well. See this recent page and get some answers to car repair questions

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Mark R Gittelman ASE Certified Master Technician