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When I started the website it was originally designed to promote my new E-book about auto repair rip-offs and scams.

The book provides insight into the retail auto repair business taken from my 24 years experience as an ASE certified master technician.

The website grew into much more than covering this narrow subject. After communicating with the thousands of visitors to the website, I expanded the sites, subject material to cover areas that people were interested in learning about.

To my surprise, one of the most popular areas of the website has been all about doing your own auto repairs at home.

I believe in and support this area of the website, because if you do your own service you remove yourself completely from the possibility of auto repair rip-offs.

So this month's most valuable page reinforces the reasons for do-it-yourself auto repair by explaining and providing details of what can happen when you go into an unscrupulous auto repair center.

Free auto service stories

This month's MVP is all about common scams and rip-offs that occur every day in the automotive repair business. I have actually pulled two pages from my 68-page e-book, which is called a mechanic's secrets revealed.

I do hope that you find these two pages, entertaining and informative. I also hope that you find these pages, motivational in the respect of pushing you to do your own auto repairs when possible.

Here is the link to my new pages about common auto repair rip-offs and scams. This link below opens in a new window. So when you are done reading it, you can just close it out and you're right back here.
True stories about auto repair

My about auto repair book

This 68-page auto repair guide is currently priced at seven dollars and is available for instant download.

I wanted to give my subscriber list a heads up that I will be moving the book to a different server that will be providing the download as well as a payment processing.

This move means that the price of the E-book will be going up to $12.95 as of September 1st.

So if you're interested in getting the book, you can save six dollars by making your purchase before September 1st.

Here is a link to my books website, which again opens in a new window. You can review what is included in the book and decide if it's right for you. A Mechanics secrets revieled E-book

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Mark R Gittelman